Why Llama?

Llama fibre is truly the ‘wonder’ fibre of the 21st Century. It has so many advantages over wool and synthetic fibres that it is difficult to know where to begin.

Environmentally Sustainable
The llama is raised on Kolla farms in very close proximity to the Kolla weaving communities. No chemicals are used in any part of the preparation of the llama fibre for weaving. Therefore in the creation of beautiful llama textile pieces, very few irreplaceable resources are used and the negative impact on the environment is negligible.

Because it is a hollow fibre it provides a superior insulation on a warmth/weight ratio, when compared with other fibres especially synthetics. It will last a lifetime and many years more as it is so resilient and hardwearing. As it has a very low static electricity factor, it won’t attract or hold lint, or hair, and pill or pile.

Appearance and Comfort
Due to its fine diameter, lack of lanolin and low scale, llama textiles feel dry, soft and luxurious to touch. The natural llama colours range from cream to beige to brown to grey to black. The natural colours of the llama are for the most part retained in the woven pieces except when local plants are used to dye the textile and add uniqueness. None of the colours fade.  

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