Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Luxurious and unique, superbly warm around your shoulders or to enhance your sofa and living room. 

Elegant Throws from Jujuy, Argentina 

Soft Sage Green Throw 
Dimensions: 63cm x 202cm (25 x 80”)
Prize: $US 180

Soft Grey Throw
Dimensions: 64 x 208 cm (25 x 82”)
Price: $US 180

Soft Blue Throw
Dimensions: 62 x 197 cm (24 x 78”)
Price: $US 170

Soft Charcoal/Terracotta Throw 
A soft (double layer) elegant throw of charcoal diamond patterns on a terracotta background.

Dimensions: 54 x 195 cm (21 x 77”) 
Price: $US 200

Large Creamy Brown Throw
Hand woven by Gil of Susques, a small pueblo high in the Andes close to the Chilean border.
Dimensions: 131 x 189 cm (52 x 74”)
Price: $US 200

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